Thursday, 19 June 2008

Water Pump

Really sorry for the lack of updates. I know its been the best part of a month. Unfortunately things like w##k and maintenance on the home have been taking a bit of a priority of late. I know its not good enough - but that's the fact's.

Anyway, what have I been up to. Not a great deal, but there has been a little tinkering hear and there when the opportunity arises.

The current semi project has been the water pump drive unit.

The water pump is a plunger type unit that is powered via the fuel pump cam shaft.

A set of skew gears turns the drive through 90 degrees and operates a brass plunger via an eccentric cam.

All very simple but, hopefully, very effective.

Obviously the first thing to do was to break it down in to its component parts so that every thing can be inspected and cleaned up.

In fairness, it was all in pretty good nick, so it then followed on with the usual (you know the score).

At the end of the task, another semi component is ready and wait for the great assembly process

I love the cam lubrication process. Remove cover by undoing brass wing nut, open the spring loaded reservoir cap and fill reservoir with oil. A wick feed then drips the oil down on the the 'big-end' of the plunger and trough via an oil way to the 'little-end' of the plunger.

Another little pre-start up job.

Once coupled up to the cylinder body, it will look the mutt's nutt's bolted to the side of the black beast.

I do need to make some new leather washers for the plunger. Anyone got any spare laderhosen?

Next up, I intend to attack the flywheel. It shouldn't be to much trouble apart from the many layers of paint and the sheer weight of the thing and the associated problems that that brings with it.
Watch this space!