Monday, 26 May 2008

Governor Case Re-build

Well, I've talked about it enough, so now it was time to actually do some work on the governor.
It's quite a lumpy bit of casing with a vertical shaft run direct from the crankshaft up through one side.

The large section at the top housed a set of spring loaded centrifugal weights and the shaft drives the oil pump at the bottom.

Obviously the first job was to strip it down in to its component parts. Then the usual cleaning up, etc, etc. Eventually it turns in to this:

The oil pump was in good condition and just needed a thorough clean up.
Once everything was cleaned up, all of the various component part that required painting had an initial coat of paint. Then it was time to put everything back together.

Ensuring the oil pump had the correct thickness of cover plate joint took a while. To thin and the gears were tight against the cover plate. To thick and there would be to much clearance between the cover plate and the gears which would result in a noisy and inefficient pump. The task was done by trial and error with multiple 0.5mm joints (all hand cut) until the correct thickness was achieved.

New joints where made for all of the other mating faces and, after a bit of fiddling around the final result:

Another bit ready to fit come the time of the great re-assembly.

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